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Department of Computational Mechanics of Deformable Media

Head of department

Sadovskii Vladimir Mikhailovich, Doctor of Science in Phys. and Math., Corresponding Member of RAS


The theoretical and applied researches in the field of computational mechanics carried out at ICM SB RAS have their background in the works of a well-known Novosibirsk school of mechanicians of Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS. At the end of 1982 — at the beginning of 1983 a group of researchers of this Institute has become a backbone of the department of mechanics of a deformable solid body organized on the basis of Krasnoyarsk Computer Center (now ICM).

Now the directions of work of the department of computational mechanics of deformable mediums include:

  • Mathematical modeling of wave processes in mediums with complex rheology;
  • Development of circuits of increased accuracy for the solution of problems of dynamics of elastoplastic bodies;
  • Numerical research of contact problems of the theory of elasticity and plasticity;
  • Finite-elemental analysis of quasi-static deformation of elastoplastic materials;
  • Development of methods of the solution of direct and inverse problems of geophysics.

The most important projects executed under the financial support of Russian Fund of Fundamental Researches (RFFR) and Krasnoyarsk Fund of Science (KFS):

  • KFS 5F0061 «Mathematical modeling of compulsory deformation of a backbone at surgical treatment of scoliosis» (run by Bogulskii I. O.)
  • RFFR 97–01–00434 «Development of computational methods for the solution of elasto-plastic contact problems» (run by Sadovskij V. M.)
  • RFFR 99–01–00453 «Research of thermomechanical models of dynamics of plastic mediums at finite deformations» (run by Sadovskij V. M.)
  • KFS 8F0022 «Development of effective methods of mathematical and numerical modeling in problems of mechanics of deformable mediums with complex rheology» (run by Sadovskij V. M.)

Themes of applied researches:

    «Development of technology of the solution of direct and inverse problems of magnetometry and gravimetry» (run by Kochnev V. A.)