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Laboratory 2.3. of Magnetic Gas Dynamics

Head of laboratory

Derevyanko Valery Alexandrovich Phys.& Math.Cand., S. Res.


By the decision of SB AS USSR Presidium the laboratory of magnetic gas dynamics was transferred from Novosibirsk to Krasnoyarsk in November, 1976. Till 1989 it was a structural division of Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics SB AS, and since 1989 it had been a part of Computational Center (since 1997 — a part of Institute of Computational Modeling SB RAS). The basic directions of the laboratory's activity is magnetic gas dynamics and thermal physics. In the field of magnetic gas dynamics theoretical and experimental researches are connected with the formation and development of a T-layer during its interaction with magnetic field. The applied researches are aimed at:
  • the research of characteristics of MHD-generators with T-layer on products of combustion in structure of energy and chemical complex of processing of Kansk and Achinsk brown coal;
  • the study of an opportunity of creation of independent electric power sources on the basis of nuclear reactor with MHD-generator using inert gas.
Thermophysical models of high-enthalpy MHD-generators with radiation choking in a T-layer are offered and researched. A detonation MHD-generator is a kind of such generators. The results of basic researches of the development and formation of a T-layer have allowed to formulate the concept of MHD control of the gas flow in the path of a scramjet. The circuit of such scramjet has been patented and developed within the frameworks of SB RAS integral project № 03.

All researches on MHD-generators and MHD control of the gas flow in the path of a scramjet have been executed in the assumption of impenetrability of a T-layer as a plasma piston. It is a basic question of MHD-interaction and it still has no unequivocal decision. Nowadays the problem of experimental definition of impenetrability criterion of a plasma piston (T-layer) is formulated by the laboratory, the mathematical model is developed and the experimental plant is prepared. The work is planned for 2003. In association with Chair of Computational Mathematics of Krasnoyarsk State University the mathematical model of a two-dimensional structure of a T-layer is developed in view of viscosity and radiation.

The scientific researches on non-stationary heat exchange in channels of MHD-generator have been used at the solution of heat exchange problems of space vehicles (SV). Since 1990 the laboratory has been researching thermal modes of space vehicles of non-hermetic construction for the sake of Academician M. F. Reshetnev Scientific-Production Association of Applied Mechanics. The software packages are created and experimental researches of junctions and blocks of space vehicles are carried out on the experimental test bench of the laboratory. Nowadays in association with Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics attached to Tomsk State University the development of multilevel system Gradient 2 for designing space vehicles of building block construction is being carried out. The researches of the laboratory on heat setting of junctions and blocks and the results of their experimental research are a part of this program.

The development of packages of applied programs on calculation of thermal modes of SV onboard equipment has allowed to offer a technique of thermal modes control of radioelectronic equipment blocks before their aboard installation. Nowadays a thermovacuum test bench of such control is being created together with Scientific-Production Association of Applied Mechanics.

The experience of work with temperature control devices of space vehicles has allowed to offer and to patent the design of a thermoelectric refrigerator with thermal pipes and thermal accumulators. The development of such refrigerator for railway dining-cars is executed within the frameworks of SB RAS integral project № 44. Now such refrigerator is created and passes tests.

The technology of road and industrial site construction on permafrost and marshy grounds using thermal pipes has been offered. The thermophysical calculations for the justification of such technology have been done. Together with Scientific-Production Association of Applied Mechanics a sample of such pipe has been created and now the tests are being carried out.

The experimental base of the laboratory includes a pulse model of MHD-generator with T-layer, on which the researches on magnetic gas dynamics are being carried out and a thermovacuum test bench for realization of thermophysical researches of junctions and blocks of space vehicles. All plants are equipped with automated measuring complexes on the basis of PC.