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Laboratory 2.2. of Mathematical Models of Near Space

Selected papers

The main results of the laboratory are presented in three monographs and in many articles, including the following:
  • Erkaev N. V. Solar wind flow around magnetosphere. Moscow: Publ. House «Nauka», 1989. [in Russian]
  • Denisenko V. V., Erkaev N. V., Kitaev A. V. and Matveenkov I. T. Mathematical simulation of magnetospheric processes. Novosibirsk: Publ. House «Nauka», 1992. [in Russian]
  • Denissenko V. V. Energy methods for elliptic equations with asymmetric coefficients. Novosibirsk: Publ. house of the Russian Academy of Sciences Siberian Branch, 1995. [in Russian]
  • Denissenko V. V. Energy method in problems of transfer in media moving in multiply connected domains. Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling. V. 15. No. 2. P. 127–143. 2000.
  • Denissenko V. V., Zamay S. S. Modification of effective conductivity because of ionospheric media movement. Geomagnetism and Aeronomy. V. 41. No. 1. P. 91-95. 2001.
  • Denissenko V. V., Zamay S. S. The mathematical model of the ionospheric global conductor. The Solar Wind — Magnetosphere System 3. Eds. H. K. Biernat, Ch. Farrugia, D. Vogl. Osterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien. P. 363–370. 2000.
  • Erkaev N. V., Biernat H. K., Farrugia C. J. Ideal magnetohydrodynamic flow around a blunt body under anisotropic pressure. Phys. Plas. V. 7. P. 3413. 2000.
  • Erkaev N. V., Farrugia C. J., Biernat H. K. Three-dimensional, one-fluid, ideal MHD model of magnetosheath flow with anisotropic pressure. J. Geophys. Res. V. 104. P. 6877–6887. 1999.
  • Erkaev N. V., Semenov V. S., Alexeev I. V., Biernat H. K. Rate of steady-state reconnection in an incompressible plasma. Physics of Plasmas. V. 8(11). P. 4800–4809. 2001
  • Erkaev N. V., V. S. Semenov, V. A. Shaidurov, D. Langmayr, H. K. Biernat and H. O. Rucker, Investigation of MHD slow shocks propagating along the Io flux tube. International Journal of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy. V. 3. 67-76. 2002.
  • Erkaev N. V., Semenov V. S. and Biernat H. K. Two-dimensional MHD model of the reconnection diffusion region. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics. V. 9. P. 131–138. 2002.
  • Erkaev N. V., V. S. Semenov, V. A. Shaidurov, D. Langmayr, H. K. Biernat, and Biernat H. K., Effects of MHD shocks propagating along magnetic flux tubes in a dipole magnetic field. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics. V. 9. P. 163–172. 2002.
  • Kitaev A. V. Plasma acceleration in the magnetospheric plasma sheet. Geomagnetism and Aeronomy. V. 42. No. 3. P. 295. 2002.
  • Kitaev A. V., Biernat H. K. On the effect of geomagnetic field diffusion at the magnetopause. Planetary and Space Science. V. 50(7-8). P. 811–816. 2002.