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Numerical simulation the periodic operating regime of HRE with MHD — control

Derevyanko V. A., Vasilyev E. N.
Institute of Computational Modeling Siberian Branch Russian Academy of Sciences
A. N. Mierau
Krasnoyarsk State University
X International Conference on the Methods of Aerophysical Research. — Novosibirsk. — 2000. — Proc.: Part III. — Р. 143–149.


Полный текст статьи [pdf, 73 Kb, in english]


Nowadays both in Russia and abroad active research has been conducted on developing perspective hypersonic aerospace aircraft. The developing of such aircraft would allow to essentially expand aircraft possibilities and to reduce delivery cost of goods to the near-earth orbit.

In many countries of the world there are programs of creation of hypersonic aircraft such as: HOTOL in Great Britain, NASP in USA, HERMES in France.

One of key while conducting these projects is the creation of a hypersonic ramjet engine having necessary propulsive, mass and dimensional characteristics with all altitude range and flight velocities of an aircraft.

The basic difficulties, in development of such engine types are caused by substantial of deterioration of quality of fuel mixture with an oxidant under supersonic flow velocities in the combustion chamber, which results in decrease of an engine efficiency and deterioration of its propulsion.

To increase the efficiency of HRE with the supersonic flow velocity in the combustion chamber the authors offered MHD control of gas flow in the channel HRE based on creation in a stream of local plasma areas with temperature 104 K interacting with an external magnetic field [1], [2].

The work presents investigation results for the structure of non-stationary gas-dynamic flow in the channel HRE with MHD — control. It also describes the calculation of propulsion performance characteristics of the given engine on the basis of mathematical simulation of processes, which take place in the channel of an engine.

Thee work objective was the research of non-stationary periodic flow with heat application in the tract HRE with MHD — control on the basis of mathematical modeling of processes which take place in the channel of an engine and the calculation of propulsion performance characteristics of an engine.

In the work the model HRE including the air intake, MHD — channel and nozzle was considered. The MHD — channel is made of two flat electrodes and sidewalls from a dielectric. The local constant flow heat permitting to create periodical local plasma areas (T- layer) is provided with the systems of initiation the constant magnetic field in the volume of the channel is ensured with an external magnetic system.