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Post-graduate study in ICM SB RAS

The Institute practises training of the scientific staff of high qualification by means of post-graduate study (license for the right of carrying on educational activity in the sphere of vocational training №001856 of March 1, 2004), application for a scientific degree and post-doctorate study.
A scientific adviser (consultant) is appointed from the highly skilled scientific staff of the Institute for post-graduate, post-doctorate students, and applicants attached to the Institute for writing the theses.

Post-graduate study

Post-graduate study can be internal (3 years) and correspondence (4 years).
People who have studied at Institutes of Higher Education for 5-6 years can enter post-graduate courses. To enter these courses a student passes exams in Foreign Language, Philosophy and Speciality.
The program on Speciality consists of an exam in Mathematics (Mechanics, Physics) and an additional program which is worked out by a scientific adviser. The exams in Foreign Language and Philosophy for a Master's Degree can be set off as post-graduate entrance examinations in Foreign Language and Philosophy. The exams in Foreign Language, Philosophy and Speciality for a Candidate's Degree can also be set off as post-graduate entrance examinations.
One can enter post-graduate courses till October,1 of the current year.
During post-graduate studying a post-graduate student should pass exams in Foreign Language, Philosophy and Speciality for a Candidate's Degree. The preparation to the exams in Foreign Language and Philosophy takes place at the Chair of Foreign Languages and Philosophy of Krasnoyarsk Scientific Centre SB RAS. The courses for the preparation to the exam on Specialities 01.01.07, 05.13.01, 05.13.11, 05.13.17, 05.13.18 are organized at ICM SB RAS.

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Application for a scientific degree

Application for a scientific degree is a form of work on the theses. Specialists are attached to scientific establishments without entering post-graduate, post-doctorate courses. An applicant is attached to a scientific establishment for the preparation and passing the exams for a Candidate's Degree during 2 years, for the preparation of the candidate theses — during 3 years.

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Post-doctorate study

Post-doctorate courses are internal (3 years). Only those who have a Candidate's Degree can enter these courses.

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